Video Mastering

videotape capturing & mastering

Broadcast and theatrical distributors often include videotape masters produced to exact specifications in their list of deliverable requirements. Mastering can initially feel like a daunting task for producers and filmmakers who don’t have access to the machines and support equipment necessary to create HD masters and SD masters, but Chicago HD is here to help make the process easy and affordable.

Our Sony machines record broadcast quality high definition and standard definition video with up to 12 channels of audio, closed captioning, video legalization and V-Chip insertion. If we don’t own the deck you need, we’ll rent one for the job. HD mastering is also a great way to archive your program for the long-term. Utilize these services and avoid the headaches and costs of renting a tape deck and attempting to do the job yourself. (Although we will rent you a video deck if you want to go for it!) 🙂

Please complete our Video Mastering Project Submission Form if you would like to receive an estimate for your video mastering project. Contact us if you have any further questions.