Video Finishing

video editing suite

Video production through post-production is a long journey. Conforming, finishing and mastering are the last steps before delivery, and you need experienced professionals on your side. We utilize the best video gear and software to efficiently handle 4K / UHD, 2K, high definition & standard definition files and tape-based assets and deliverables. Our video finishing services include conforming video from offline edits, “online” editing, color grading, graphic animation & design, broadcast HD and SD tape mastering and file-based deliverables, and DCPs.

Full‐service audio post-production is available through our colleagues at BAM Studios. Located in our former studio space, BAM’s audio engineers and sound designers create fabulous mixes in their superior 5.1 surround audio studios and recording booths. They are simply the best in Chicago.

Please contact us today to discuss your finishing needs so that we may provide you with an accurate estimate of time and costs.