Video Standards Conversion

video standards conversion

HD and SD upconversion, downconversion, cross-conversion and NTSC/PAL standards conversions are produced using some of the best hardware on the market. Chicago HD can handle virtually every type of HD and SD standard conversion. We utilize real-time Teranex and AJA hardware converters, enabling us to properly re-scale and re-time HD and SD video images. Your video will be processed in the digital domain 100% of the time, avoiding a conversion to analog video unless the specifications of the deliverables demand it. Standard conversions can be handled to and from file-based formats or tape.


High definition productions often require the inclusion of standard definition material because the footage is vital to telling the story. Chicago HD can upconvert SD footage to HD with a choice of aspect ratios: pillar box, zoom, widescreen and Smart aspect, which warps images from 4:3 to 16:9 in a “fisheye” sense, with less visible stretching of the image that normally occurs with widescreen.


Yes, sometimes we’re still required to deliver in standard definition. Downconversions are essentially standard definition versions of HD sources with a choice of three different aspect ratios: letterbox, center‐cut or anamorphic.


Cross-conversion translates one HD frame size and frame rate to another, including NTSC and PAL.


H.264, MP4, MXF, XDCAM, WMV… we can handle all of your video transcoding needs.

Please contact us today to discuss your video conversion needs. We’re happy to provide you with an estimate of time and costs.