Video Post-Production

Production and post-production are both collaborative efforts. Our Chicago video editors, colorists, graphic designers, engineers and video production experts work with you to determine and execute the best production and post-production strategies for your project. Our video editing studio is equipped with the professional hardware, broadcast monitors, and video test equipment – rounding out the perfect environment to ensure that your program is not only a masterpiece, but broadcast ready.

  • Creative Editorial

    Creative editorial is our passion at Chicago HD. Our editors love to craft stories into exciting programs. See more >>

  • Video Finishing

    Production and post-production is a long journey. Conforming, finishing and mastering are the last steps before delivery and you want an experienced team on your roster. See more >>

  • Color Grading

    Color grading, also known as color correction, is an important part of making any video or film look rich, vibrant and professional. Let Chicago HD take your program to the next level. See more >>

  • Video Mastering

    Mastering can feel like a daunting task for producers and filmmakers who don’t have the knowledge or necessary equipment to create HD masters and SD masters, but Chicago HD is here to help make the process easy and affordable. See more >>

  • Video Digitizing

    Digitizing and archiving is a smart way of preserving your investment. Converting videotapes to media files and make your footage accessible for years to come.
    See more >>

  • Video Standards Conversion

    HD and SD upconversion, downconversion, cross-conversion and NTSC/PAL standards conversions are produced using the best hardware on the market. We have the equipment and know-how you need. See more >>

  • DCP Creation

    Digital Cinema Packages are the industry standard for theatrical release. Chicago HD makes DCP authoring simple and affordable. See more >>

  • Blu-ray Authoring & DVD Authoring

    Whether you need a simple, autoplay Blu-ray screener or a DVD with creative and complex menus, we will work with you to create a Blu-ray or DVD that you can be proud of. See more >>

  • Closed Captioning & Subtitles

    Closed captioning and subtitles display the audio portion of a program as text on a TV screen or in a movie theater, providing a critical link to entertainment, news, and information for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. See more >>