Chicago HD is a video editing studio specializing in creative editorial, color grading, video finishing, video mastering, DCP creation, Blu-ray authoring and a host of additional post-production services.

We provide creative, high-quality post-production services to customers around the country who benefit from our expertise, tools and keen eye for detail.


    Collaborate with expert video editors, colorists, audio engineers, graphic designers and video production experts to formulate smart, creative production and post-production strategies to create awesome, informative and entertaining videos and films.


    Our comfortable studio is equipped with the HD and SD gear necessary for video editing with current and legacy professional broadcast formats, making Chicago HD one of Chicagoland’s most versatile and reliable video post-production facilities.


    We produce final deliverables for broadcast programs, theatrical release and web-based content, including broadcast media files and master tapes, DCPs, Blu-rays, and streaming video content for online programming.

  • Full-Service Post-Production

    Experienced post-production professionals providing creative video editorial, color grading, video finishing, graphics and broadcast, cinema & web deliverables.
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  • State-of-the-Art Facilities

    Our creative editorial and finishing suite meets all of your high definition, standard definition and UHD video needs.
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  • Creative, Passionate Team

    Founded in 2002 by partners Stephen Panning and Gary Chang, Chicago HD is a post-production company combining decades of post-production experience with the latest tech to make your project a winner.
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“Chicago HD has been a leader in the HD post production scene in Chicago for over decade and truly know how to take a project to the next level.”
~ Kirk Sanders, Creative Director at Walking Shadows Productions, Inc.